Joan and Marty's Estate Sales will conduct an estate sale for you to bring you top dollar for your furniture and home décor. We extensively advertise the sale and price all of your furniture, décor, nick nacks and  vehicles to sell for a great price. Our commission fee is very competitive and our professional team will ensure that you are pleased with the results. As a bonus, we will offer to purchase out the remaining furniture items at consignment prices so you have extra money in your pocket once the sale is over. Our team will clean the home and clear out the remaining contents that did not sell, and donate the nick nacks to a charity of your choice. We leave your home clean and ready to go!

The Morin Group looks at Real Estate as more than just selling a home. They provide a one stop shop for home-owners looking to sell their home and  belongings in one fell swoop, achieving the most profit possible for sellers.


Joan & Marty have perfected a model whereby their clients can quickly and profitably sell their home and all it's belongings.


Whether their clients are down-sizing, moving out of state or retiring, Joan and Marty's team of experienced home, estate and moving professionals provides a true one stop shop for home owners looking to sell quickly for the best price!


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